About Us

A bit more about our family-owned, Australian-owned and locally run small business. 

We’re humbled to know our customers really love our growing line of quality braai products, we’re proud of how far we’ve come in our short existence and we want to share with you a small part of the journey we’ve travelled with OZ Braai so far. 

After migrating to Australia in 2008 and immersing ourselves in the relaxed Australian culture, we’re now a proud Aussie family (who, though fully adapted to the Aussie way of life, still reminisce about our braai’ing South African roots!).

Settling into life in another country can be bittersweet. Both wonderful and lonely synchronously, leaving you nostalgic for all the familiar sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that remind you of home. 

None can be more familiar or dearly missed, for South Africans, than the subtle hint of braai wafting through with the breeze on any given day… We understand the sheer agony the moment your hopes of finding an authentic braai in Australia were dashed! 

That’s how OZ Braai came to be. After years of searching, reminiscing and fashioning makeshift braais out of other things, we knew that to NOT bring OZ Braai to life would be a great disservice to not only African-Australians, but to ALL Australians.

Supporting local

We live here in Australia. We work, rest and play in Australia, pay Australian taxes and most importantly, the money we make goes back into supporting other small and local Australian businesses, Australian workers and Australian communities like ours.

As a business, supporting local has always been one of our main objectives. 

Our mission

As so many other Australian businesses will attest – from the largest of Australian retailers to the smallest of start-ups – keeping manufacturing 100% within Australia, while delivering a premium quality product at a favourable price-point to the Australian market, is very rarely possible. 

So, while much of our product is still produced outside of Australia, our mission to continually seek ways to bring 100% of OZ Braai’s manufacturing to Australia remains at our forefront as we take OZ Braai forward into the future.

Where manufacturing in Australia is not possible, we have strong ongoing relationships with our manufacturer’s abroad, who are as committed as we are to upholding our dedication to delivering the highest quality, safest and longest-lasting Braai products on the Australian market. 

Our products:

  • are Australian designed, developed and tested.
  • are quality tested by real-life human braai’ers (not animals).
  • have had rigorous accelerated testing to ensure optimum quality.
  • are 100% compliant with Australian food-safety standards.