At OZ Braai (Braai Pty Ltd), we value the authenticity and integrity of user-generated content on our website. We understand the importance of genuine, unbiased reviews in helping users make informed decisions. To ensure a reliable and trustworthy user experience, we have established a Fraud/Spam Review Policy to detect and deal with fraudulent or spammy reviews.

Detection of Fraudulent and Spammy Reviews

We employ automated and manual processes to identify and filter out fraudulent or spammy reviews. Our detection methods include the following:

a. Automated algorithms: We use advanced algorithms to analyse patterns and trends in user behaviour, language, and other review attributes to flag potentially fraudulent or spammy reviews.

b. Manual review: Our dedicated content moderation team reviews flagged content and assesses its authenticity before taking appropriate action.

c. User reports: We encourage our users to report any suspicious reviews on our website. Our moderation team investigates such reports and takes appropriate action.

Criteria for Identifying Fraudulent and Spammy Reviews

We consider a review to be fraudulent or spammy if it:

a. Is submitted by someone with a conflict of interest (e.g., business owners, employees, or competitors)

b. Contains false, misleading, or deceptive information

c. Is submitted multiple times under different usernames or email addresses

d. Is irrelevant to the product or service being reviewed

e. Is promotional in nature or includes links to external websites

f. Is written in a language or tone that is offensive, abusive, or discriminatory

Actions against Fraudulent and Spammy Reviews

Upon detecting a fraudulent or spammy review, we may take the following actions:

a. Remove the review from our website

b. Suspend or terminate the user account responsible for the review

c. Notify the affected business or individual, if applicable

d. Report the activity to appropriate authorities, if necessary

Prevention Measures

To prevent fraudulent and spammy reviews, we:

a. Require users to create an account and verify their email address before submitting a review

b. Monitor user behaviour and account activity to detect suspicious patterns

c. Regularly update our algorithms and detection methods

d. Provide guidelines to users on submitting genuine, helpful reviews

User Responsibility

We encourage our users to maintain the integrity of our review platform by:

a. Submitting honest, unbiased reviews based on personal experiences

b. Reporting suspicious reviews or other fraudulent activity

c. Complying with our website’s terms of use and content guidelines

By working together, we can maintain a reliable, trustworthy environment for all users of OZ Braai (Braai Pty Ltd) and ensure that our review platform continues to provide valuable, authentic information to help users make informed decisions.