You are probably on this page because you have no idea what the Clip and the Peg are used for. Don’t stress, you came to the right place.


The clip is used to keep the stand open at a specific angle while braaing. The clip is optional but it is helpful for when braaing things like chicken wings that stick out of the basket and that can hook onto the stand.

Please note that the clip is not used when hanging the basket on the hooks. 


Q: I am having trouble attaching the clip onto the stand. 

The clip is designed to attach to the stand but in some cases, the clip might have trouble to attach to the stand the first time you try to attach the clip. Do not try to force the clip onto the stand by pushing down hard on the clip as this might bend the stand frame, instead, apply a bit of cooking oil on the inside of the clips to help it attach easier.

Q: The stand clip does not keep the stand open wide enough to insert the basket.

A: While the stand clip is attached to the stand you can bend the clip open to the designed angle.

Q: Do I need to use the clip when using the Camp Braai?

A: No – The Camp Braai was designed to work without the need to use the Clip. However, in some circumstances, it could be beneficial to use the Clip. For example when you are braaing on an uneven surface where the stand tends to collapse while braaing or where you have chicken wings sticking out of the basket and catches onto the stand causing the stand to collapse. In 90% of the cases, you will not need the Clip.



The peg is used for when hanging a heavy basket on the stand hooks and you are on a downhill slope. This helps so that the stand does not tip over. In most cases when on a flat or uphill angle the peg is not required.

Please note that the Peg is optional.