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7″ Handmade Full Tang Carbon Steel Butcher’s Cleaver Knife with Sheath

  • length: 292 mm / 11.5 inch
  • blade length: 180 mm / 7 inch
  • blade width: 98 mm / 3.85 inch
  • weight: 315 g / 0.7 lb

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 7″ Handmade Cleaver Knife
  • 1 x Sheath


This Chef’s Cleaver is made from high carbon steel and the handle and blade are integrated as one solid piece. The handle is made from hardwood and is shaped for a very comfortable grip. It comes with a unique canvas sheath to protect the blade and doubles as a safety feature to cover the very sharp blade.

This iconic knife is a must-have for every passionate cook, this traditional hand forged Chinese full tang chef’s cleaver promises unparalleled dexterity and is perfect for cutting onions, vegetables, meat or your BILTONG or Steaks. The blade is 7″ (18 cm) long, giving it ample cutting area.

The size of the blade ensures that you don’t need to push down hard on your piece of meat, and will ensure the perfect cut every time. The knife is only 300 grams!

This Full Tang Handmade Chef’s Cleaver piece is made of high carbon steel, making it one of the most durable hand-forged knives around. The handle is made of hardwood and steel, allowing for a comfortable grip.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 0.5 × 4 cm

62 reviews for Chef’s Cleaver

  1. Willem Koedyk (verified owner)

    I love the look and feel of this knife. I use it to butterfly chicken, slice steak and veggies at the braai. The carbon steel is easy to sharpen.

  2. Aussiefarmlifecooking (verified owner)

    After i saw this knife featured on youtube (firetofork) i decided to order one and it has blown me away! it is so comfortable in the hand and effortlessly cuts through big pieces of meat!
    This is absolutely my favorite knife now!! a must have in every kitchen!

  3. Trevor Treloar (verified owner)

    Well made knife, feels great in the hands. Have used it to quarter chicken and slice beef, handles both with ease . Thanks Fire to fork

  4. Kylie

    The team at ozbraai were great to deal with. Responded to my queries straight away. The delivery was super quick and arrived in time for my husband’s birthday and he absolutely loved the knife!

  5. Chris Cowling (verified owner)

    Surprisingly well made. Well presented, and even ships with a reasonable edge finish!
    This is one piece of kit that I will be using for many years to come. Highly recommended.

  6. Chris Young (verified owner)

    Love it. Very well made. Has a good heavy feel and cuts through the toughest of meats. Use it all the time. Brilliant for heavy jobs. Take it bush so it’s a part of my off road tackle.

  7. Billy’s bushcooking (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of the best knives that I have every used. Great for all your heavy cutting work but can also do your finer cuts

  8. Gary (verified owner)

    This is a Great buy and great shopping experience with Oz Braai ! Highly recommended .

  9. Mick B (verified owner)

    This knife is a beast, great shape, great weight, really well made.. I got two, one for camping, one for home 🙂

  10. David (verified owner)

    I Purchased 2 x 7″ butchers cleaver, one for myself and one for my son, after watching Harry from Fire to Fork, they are the best cleaver I have owned, they stay sharp, easy to use and are comfortable in the hand, it is now used everyday and I would highly recommend them, it was also quick delivery

  11. Josh (verified owner)

    Awesome knife! feels good to use and makes very short work of all types of fish, meat, veggies and even my thumb that I’ve put it through!

  12. Allan Mercer (verified owner)

    Absolutley fantastic knife! Have used it many many times, and its still holding its edge really well. And the patina is amazing!

  13. Trevor Groeneveld (verified owner)

    I had to wait for this knife to be delivered due to its popularity, but glad i did. its got a great edge to it (surgically sharp!!)and is suitable for just about all applications necessary particularly in a camp kitchen. Important to keep it dry and well oiled when stored

  14. Fred Smittou (verified owner)

    Awesome knife, we have other of the shelve cleavers but this one surpasses them all. I mainly got this knife for camping and bush cooking but have found it gets used at home all the time, love the feel in the hand and holds its edge well, I’m sure we will have many years of service from this knife.
    Everything that I have ordered online from ozbraai has been an effortless process.
    Thank you to Fire to Fork for the recommendation.
    Thank you OzBraai

  15. Ian Cowling (verified owner)

    Took Harry Fisher’s recommendation and signed up to be notified when there was stock. Not disappointed, quick delivery, quality product. Bought for camping, but am using everyday at home. Need to remember to pack for next trip OR buy another 🙂

  16. Paul Aracic (verified owner)

    Love that I can slice effortlessly, then scoop up everything and transfer to the pan and even stir. Respect it and use a steel after washing and drying before storing in the sleeve. Awesome knife

  17. Clint McGoldrick

    Love the knife. The weight on blade makes cutting simple. I use it the same way as firetofork, and it will be a great addition to the camping setup.

  18. Katie (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Great knife hubby has been very happy with it.

  19. John Chapman

    This has to be my favourite kitchen knife. Feels great in the hand and keeps a good edge. Will make a great camping knife also. Thanks Oz Braai.

  20. Eric cromb (verified owner)

    Seen this knife in firetofork
    Im an avid knife collector and this knife certainly fills a void in my collection
    Sharp and well made its a very well made knife

  21. Glen Arnold (verified owner)

    Purchased after I saw this on a fire to fork video from Harry .
    It’s a really great knife perfect for cutting up spuds and other vegetables and meat love it

  22. Michael Swan (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality and comfort of the knife. I love this knife and must thank fire to fork for recommending this knife. Just take care these knifes are very sharp.

  23. Chris (verified owner)

    Love it. Well balanced, feels good to hold. Holds its edge well. Kinda wish the sheath was darker so it doesn’t show the camping dirt so much.

  24. Sam (verified owner)

    Incredible knife, so good for cutting up meat or anything really. Nice weight to it and very sharp.

  25. Jeremy Irving (verified owner)

    I like a lot of people saw the knife used on FiretoFork(Youtube), I was in the lookout for a new knife and decided to give it a go, I have been really impressed so far from cutting through large meat pieces to more delicate trimming for Beef Jerky,
    A must for the kitchen or camp

  26. Rick Hunter (verified owner)

    I like the balance and utility of the knife. Nicely made and presented.
    Thanks to Fire to Fork for the recommendation

  27. Rob (verified owner)

    I bought this knife purely on its looks, that aside and is now my go-to knife. Great quality and holds well in the hand. Love it.

  28. Sam Hand (verified owner)

    This knife is awesome, looks good and is well made with a nice weight to it. Ergonomics are great when using it, and its just as at home slicing cleanly and easily through fresh baked bread as it is a nice piece of meat. I use it for all but the finest cutting. Thanks also to Harry from Fire to Fork also as I wouldn’t have know it existed if it wasn’t for him!

  29. _ExploreOz (verified owner)

    So far so good!!! Had he knife less than 2 days before i managed to cut mu finger with it. Very very shard haha.

  30. Matt (verified owner)

    Fantastic knife. Razor sharp out of the box and holds an edge beautifully. It’s still slicing tomatoes likes it’s fresh out of the box and we’ve had it nearly a year now. I’d happy purchase again

  31. Chris (verified owner)

    Bought it for camping but using it at home! Robust, sharp, good for all uses.

  32. Jake (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant service, great knife too. Thanks

  33. Cory green (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful knife that keeps a sharp edge after use.

  34. Marty Ellis (verified owner)

    Fantastic versatile knife, very comfortable to use and most importantly stays sharp!

  35. Jackson (verified owner)

    Quality knife. Well balanced and comfortable to use despite the clunky look. Incredibly sharp straight out of the box. Haven’t had to sharpen it yet (light work for couple months). Needs to be washed and dried immediately after use, however. I sat mine on the bench for 30 minutes after a rinse and it now has little orange spots.
    Cheers for the recommendation, Harry from Fire to Fork (youtube).

  36. DREW (verified owner)


  37. Dean MARTIN (verified owner)

    Fire to fork sold me straight up on this knife – just watching him work with it showed what a great piece of kit and we couldn’t be happier. the whole experience and the product “amazing” fantastic service post ordering tracking etc .
    Great knife great service thanks to all.

  38. Alan bebend (verified owner)

    I love this knife I have a selection of butcher and kitchen knifes but I only use this one now at home and away camping it’s great

  39. Tim (verified owner)

    Knife seems good so far, good edge. Blade and handle feel nice with added sturdy balance. Time will tell, but seems good so far!

  40. Robyn pearson (verified owner)

    Amazing knife it my favourite you can cut up anything with it it’s so sharp and has such a nice feel to it will never buy another knife again

  41. christjoeka (verified owner)

    My wife purchased for Christmas and arrived day before. I haven’t been able to put it down and feels balanced and light, but also makes light work chopping pork spareribs and the professional cut to roasted pork belly. I might have to hide it away as kids and wife starting to expect more gourmet. Thanks OzBraai

  42. Ben Murray (verified owner)

    I cooked up a lamb spit on my Auspit at Christmas and carved it up with my new Ozbraai chef’s cleaver. No effort what so ever, it was like cutting through melted butter. Love this knife over my Snow Peak ones

  43. Troy Small (verified owner)

    Well made knife, perfect size for all round use. A great addition to my outdoor set up. Nice edge and looks amazing! Really happy with my purchase!

  44. Ross Palmer (verified owner)

    Great product
    Great people to deal with
    Highly recommend

  45. Tracy Hunt (verified owner)

    Purchased this for my hubby for Christmas and he loves it. Fantastic knife. Very comfortable to hold. Awesome company to deal with and very fast delivery. Will be using them again in the future

  46. Frank Rivera (verified owner)

    Nice butcher’s cleaver. Well made and nice sharp edge after I run it on the diamond rod. This replaces a couple of larger knives I used when camping. Very happy with it.

  47. Adrian Groves (verified owner)

    Watched fire to fork liked the knife he was using ordered one and couldn’t be happier awesome knife have ordered many more products all awesome highly recommended

  48. Paige

    I purchased this as a gift for someone and they absolutely loved it. It feels and looks like such a high quality, super sharp and the sheath is a great tough.

  49. Bill (verified owner)

    Such a beatiful knife. I’ve been searching for a good size cleaver and this is the one, extremely happy with the wait. Overall, this is a gem, its so versatily and you’ll have the confidence that the blade will stay sharp longer than any other cleaver on the market. Construction, very well made….love the carbon steel, very sexy and unique in my arsenal of knifes.

  50. Jennifer Wolstencroft (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the quality of the cleaver. Also bought the Chef’s Knife. They feel really good to hold. Easy to use and easy to sharpen. Great knives are a must have anywhere

  51. Mark Ohlin (verified owner)

    I love these knives, I use them for all sorts of jobs in the kitchen. I get lots of envious compliments from guests when using them. I just purchased a few more and gave as Christmas gifts. A big hit!

  52. Chris (verified owner)

    Knife has a good weight and balance in the hand. Blade was sharp straight out the box and had kept a fantastic edge with use.
    Highly recommend this product

  53. Rob (verified owner)

    As someone who has lived most of my life on the land, I understand the importance of quality tools. The Chef’s Cleaver is a ripper!
    Indoors or out bush if I’m preparing a meal its my main tool. A great bit of kit.

  54. VHC Chef (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Chef’s Cleaver to use on camping trips. It’s been used for everything from chopping up veggies to field dressing and cooking rabbit. The size and weight make it perfect for me, I genuinely enjoy using it. My wife finds it a little too heavy, good thing I didn’t buy it for her…

  55. Scott Riddell (verified owner)

    Impressive quality piece of kit

  56. shane vk (verified owner)

    Fantastic cleaver comfortable to use and found it great for finely chopping garlic or preparing large cuts of meat. The kids love the look of it too!

  57. Darren Van (verified owner)

    I do a lot of cooking when camping, and love the look and feel of this knife, well done Oz Braai and thanks fire to fork for recommending it.

  58. Ra (verified owner)

    Bought this for my partner for his birthday and to use while camping and he absolutely loves it! Will be purchasing more for sure

  59. PETER PALMER (verified owner)

    Wow what a knife.
    Great service from the team at OZ Braai.
    And thank you Harry at Fire to Fork who raved on about the knife 10/10

  60. Jess Holmes

    Will not camp cook without it! My partner bought this after seeing it on Fire to Fork and I though ‘oh yeah a knife’ but now I am obsessed! Just got back from a 10 day trip and there wasn’t a meal we made without it. Cannot speak highly enough of this knife as an all rounder, and I am about to purchase the chefs knife to join the kit. BIG FAN!

  61. janis kruska (verified owner)

    Bought the chef’s cleaver and knife as a package. Great deal. Primarily bought it to go camping, the sheath is a blessing.
    Will be buying another one for home.

  62. Daniel Keates (verified owner)

    This knife is my new go-to knife, it stays sharp, cuts well and is comfortable to use. I have had so many people ask me where to get one! They are awesome!

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This Cleaver is hand-forged from high carbon steel with the black iron oxide left on the blade to give it a premium hand-forged look. Please clean the knife before using it for the first time using soapy water and drying with a hand towel. Leaving it wet will cause the blade to corrode and get rust marks on the blade.

Some of the black iron oxide will peel off after the first couple of cleans, but it will keep its hand-forged look for years to come.

The shiny part of the blade will turn a dull blue colour over time called patina, but it is perfectly normal and will help protect the blade from corroding. Some acidic foods, like chicken and lemon, will instantly leave patina marks due to its acidic nature, but that adds to the uniqueness of the knife. For day to day use we recommend washing it with soap and water, but please ensure to dry it immediately.

High carbon steel is robust and long-lasting and will keep its edge longer than stainless steel.

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