The Blower by Donkey Tong

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Add more air to your fire to make more fire, and do it with precision. This patent-pending design has an adjustable jet nozzle. You set your standard of blow strength: keep it fine to get a fire going or blast it with air to get the fire roaring.

A solid brass mouthpiece for a comfortable blow and a crafted wooden handle for a firm grip.

Blowing doesn’t always have to be a job!

Crafted from quality materials, handmade to last.

  • 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • White Oak Wooden Grip
  • Solid brass mouthpiece (trumpet shape for comfort)
  • Solid brass jet nozzle (adjustable to different strengths)
  • High-temperature O-ring (for a smooth turn)
  • Genuine Leather strap

Clean your Blower.

Keep the mouthpiece clean after a braai; use soap and water with a cloth. You can run water through the Blower to clean out the pipe and the jet nozzle.

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The Blower by Donkey Tong

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