Travel and Camp Braai Bundle

$259.20 Incl GST

 OZ Braai’s Camp Braai AND Travel Braai are now available as a 2 in 1 bundle!

It’s the must-have piece of kit we started out on this wild journey with… and in all modesty, it was the first of many big hits to turn us into something of a rockstar. 

With a 2.0 design update and a smaller variant donned the ‘Travel Braai’, our braais have graced backyard fires and camping trips right across the country – and have even toured further afield. They’ve been talked about on camera, in magazines, and undoubtedly, are plastered on bedroom walls of teenage girls everywhere…

Experiencing “life out on the road” in this way came the realisation that neither the Camp Braai nor the Travel Braai are exclusive to the size of the party or the occasion. 

Like us and so many of our customers have discovered, there are times that one or the other is perfect, and there are definitely times you’ll wish you had both! 

If you’re seeking the ultimate bush camping experience, you can’t look past the simplistic brilliance of our Camp and Travel Braais – just ask any of the thousands who have purchased them!