Spin Basket

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    • Multi-adjustable height settings with an easy clamp mechanism to secure a variety of foods
    • Basket size – 35cm x 21cm x 5cm
    • 12mm Hole for Rotisserie Rod (Use your own or use our included rotisserie brackets.)
    • Specially designed handle that attaches and detaches effortlessly for manual flipping or rotisserie use
    • Premium 304 stainless steel build, offering both elegance and resilience against weathering
    • Dual-purpose utility: attachable to a rotisserie motor for automated cooking or used manually for precision grilling
    • Includes a full range of adaptors for broad compatibility with OZ Braai’s units and various other BBQs
    • Accompanied by a durable canvas bag, ideal for safeguarding the basket during storage or while on the move
    • The thoughtful design promotes uniform heat distribution and smoke penetration for authentic flavour
    • The Spin Basket’s sleek design not only enhances functionality but also complements the aesthetic of any outdoor cooking setup

    Rotisserie Motor and Compact Braai are not included. 

    Available for pre-ordering

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    Spin Basket

    Available for pre-ordering